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Posted by: Amanda and Alex

Mar 24, 2017

There is a small dilemma: looking at all those pics in instagram with thin celebrities Amanda thinks she must lose few pounds, but than she will also lose 1-2 sizes in breasts and this fact also disturbing her, we decided this site is the best place for to ask the question: what to do? Enjoy the pics and say your opinion please!

Damon: Amanda, I can spend hours on your suckable areolas!

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  • Oops, I came to quick. What was the question again?
  • Your nipples are INSANELY FANTASTIC!!! I wish you'd feature close up photos of them. WOW!!!
  • Amanda, you are absolutely beautiful just the way you are!  You don't need to change at all.
  • BTW: I luv your puffies ( *}~( + )!( + )
  • Decisions, decistions...MMMmmm: what can I state, exxxcept the obvious: you are beauty FULL...proof there is a god...a goddess!!!!! ***** Okay, now some opinions as a trainer: 1) as long as you are happy that's it. 2) you can quantify all your parts and pieces butt it still cums back to you. 3) Get a physical once/year, get your bodyfat % calculated (8-12% is essential for women). 4) Based on 1-3, be active for a strong heart and healthy cardiovascular system (including great sex with your lucky dude [60 cal/orgasm])...and of course, with a full body like yours make lots of babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ***** 
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