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Posted by:  EssexTess

Feb 7, 2019

This was a surprise photoshoot done for the benefit of my hubby's best friend, who unbeknown to me had the hots for me.!!  This naturally made it extremely horny knowing I was taking my clothes off for someone else's benefit. Apparently he really enjoyed the pics what made it even hornier was that he didn't know that I knew he was getting off on them!!  Enjoy Tess xxx

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  • Need to spank you for being a naughty girl 
  • Who WOULDNT have the hots for you!!!??!?!?
  • WOW, So GORGEOUS!!!!! 
  • Yummy!!!!!!!
  • Wow, very nice!!!
  • When you spread your pussy open your pink pearl clit is begging to be nibbled on. And for being so hot I'd leave you a nice creampie as a gift. 
  • That's so fucking hot!!
  • Darling EVERYONE has the hots for you
  • I would love to tongue your brown star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You are so sexy hot and beautiful!
  • Wow you just make me Cum Such a joy to See your delicious pussy
  • I'm sure u'll give him a chance to get off on the real stuff too ..  ...muuaawh.. lotssa love kisses hugs n cum over ya babe ..Gaur ,, ggsexn@gmail.com

  • Unbelievable Sexy Lady ,,, thanks for sharing 
  • great pussy lips, and love your nubby little clit in that one photo
  • BigDaddy627, what??? She has a great smile!!!!!