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Posted by:  Anna

Feb 25, 2019

Hope you enjoyed the 'soft' set appetiser in Private Shots, if you haven't seen it please have a look. These are the promised stronger shots of Anna's pussy... Enjoy! Looking forward to reading & replying to all your comments & messages as usual. More sets next month.

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  • Sexy thing .... thanks for the hot pussy pictures
  • I'd eat you in a flash!!
  • Want a lick. Yes!
  • Such a hot fuckable gal. She deserves a nice creampie 
  • Hi -  Nice to know that you have seen & liked LAST month's 'RC’ set, & thank you for the lovely compliments...... but its a shame you MISSED the CUT OFF POINT for voting for me. We will be sending THIS month's sets in tomorrow & hopefully the sets will be up by the end of the week 
  • You are a gorgeous woman with a beautiful body wow your hot
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  • Made it here too  but couldn't vote. Sorry.
  • Hi – Nice to know that you liked LAST month's 'RC’ set...... but its a shame you MISSED the CUT OFF POINT for voting for me
    Did you seen the ‘soft’ set which was posted in the Private Shots Photos section on 23rd - it sets the scene for the RC set & should ALWAYS be viewed FIRST
    More sets in BOTH sections every month                                                                                                                                                        As for the video we posted one on 14/12/17 & it was nearly 5 minutes long -----check the archives.......& there will be more in due course   
  • so hot Anna please lets see you in a video, not a 30 sec but a longer one maybe 7-10 min.
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  • Anna,  I always get turned on by your incredibly hot, naked body, including that hot pussy!  So very inviting!  Would so love to get naked with you and have hot and steamy sex together!  Just looking at you always gets my big cock extremely hard!  WOW!  Not many women look as hot naked as you do!  I love you Anna!  Shawn (sr19782002@yahoo.com)
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  • You’re so hot babe x
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