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Posted by:  Raven Swallowz

Mar 12, 2019

I've been a member and posting on the VW/RC for almost 12 years and I have over 100 contris but I just have a feeling that most of my friends and fans know me for my favorite thing to do. Yes, I haven't made a secret about sucking cock and getting facials so I thought that I'd post some of my blowjobs & sticky cum facials from over the years. I hope you enjoy. Hugs, Kisses and Blowjobs, Raven Swallowz

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  • So incredibely hot and sexual - gorgeous to go with it!!!
  • you are def hot!!!!
  • Awesome pics
  • Raven, lovely friend, you are smoking. Outstanding gallery. Two Thumbs UP^^> Congratulations to you and your husband. Well done, friends
  • Different cocks /check
  • Blowjobs are great but they are even better when you show more of your beautiful breasts.
  • I have always loved seeing your face covered in cum. Superb again. Please don't stop. 
  • Raven,  What a hot set of photos!  Would so love to get naked with you, and have you suck my big cock as well!  Then, I would also give you a great facial as well!  You are one of the hottest women around!  I love you Raven!  Shawn (sr19782002@yahoo.com)
  • Yep, I remember them all beautiful!
  • Thought you only sucked your husband's cock.
  • That is so Hot and sexy!  You make Mr Chubbs jump with approval  
  • What a freaking hot set of pics!   
  • Ahhhh….Love ya Raven!
  • lovely eyes too