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Posted by:  Trixie

Apr 9, 2019

Can Sweetness persuade you to root for her Team?  Some more recent dress up shots with her pussy lips shaved for you.

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  • Just fucking hot!
  • I would love to see you filled and dripping!
  • I am knight fan now, this one any how.
  • gorgeous body very sexy 
  • LEGGS ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ UPP!!!!! 
  • Mirror, mirror on the bedroom floor...whose got the bestest little helio pad of the all...why it Sweetness, yes indeedee...ready to be a cheerleader again...and ride babey ride under the bleachers at halftime or apres the game
  • Luv the cheerleader!!!! Whooo put on some high heels please
  • Both my tongue and my cock want some
  • Oh my goodness, Sweetness is unbelievable....every time my girl and I see her we get so f'n hot!  g
  • I love her shaved pussy! I'd like to lick her for hours!
  • Love your lips 
  • Incredible body-little better camera work would be appreciated-Lucky man you are
  • F O C U S 
  • Love the shape ot your tits and your sweet open lips, you are very sexy