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Posted by:  TheIrishLass

Jun 24, 2024

Here I am waiting for you in my Velvet & Rhinestones. Handing

you a cold one as you walk in the door. You tell me about your day while

we start to

unwind together. Let's begin in the kitchen (if you recall, we've been

here before). Next you follow me down the hallway, then we take a moment

in a couple other areas. Ohhh, and before you know it . . . we've

tested out the firmness of the master bed. How I do love enjoying a sexy

getaway with you! Can't wait to plan our next adventure together! See

you soon, @The_Irish_Lass

All Comments (203)
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    Yellowjacket - Let's share a sip or 2, shall we
  • user avatar
    You know me Bree, I couldn't help but stop back in here this evening.
  • user avatar
    spruce - Thrilled to hear it
  • user avatar
    Lass you make me Hard     always, everywhere, Rock hard       & You rock those fishnets
  • user avatar
    Bisonman  - Happy you stopped by . . . only wish you'd stopped by sooner
  • user avatar
    Amazing           Just simply Amazing!
  • user avatar
    CRod2010 - Aww, shucks . . .
  • user avatar
    Yellowjacket - *Blushing All Over*
  • user avatar
    You're such a smoke, I can't even imagine how sweet it would be to eat your pussy! So fuckin' hot!!!!!
  • user avatar
    Another one of your Superb Contri's that are so well done that one can't help but come back to check it out several times.
  • user avatar
    Mr_chuckles - I trimmed my landing strip into a triangle per my hubby, Cowan's request. It seems to have gotten a lot of attention . . . think I'll hold onto her for a bit ;-)
  • user avatar
    Love how yo trimmed your pussy
  • user avatar
    docman3 - Aww, so good to see you stopping by
  • user avatar
    Simply amazing!!
  • user avatar
    Audie - Thanks okay . . . you're in very capable hands

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